Military and Government
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The Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits the disclosure of personal information and makes agencies responsible for client losses.

Concern of electronic espionage in some government facilities.

Various LEED initiatives including legislation, executive orders, resolutions, ordinances, policies, and incentives are found in 442 localities, in 34 state governments, in 14 federal agencies or departments, and numerous public school jurisdictions and institutions of higher education across the United States. In February 2008, DOE Order 430.2B and a memorandum issued by the Secretary of Energy to DOE leadership directed heads of departments to adhere to Executive Order 13423 by having all new Department buildings and major renovations with a value of $5M or greater earn LEED Gold certification beginning October 1, 2008.
Electronic Eavesdropping has many names:

Technical Surveillance

Electronic Espionage

Industrial Espionage

Electronic Surveillance

Audio Surveillance

There are various ways to Eavesdrop:

Concealing a listening devise and/or recording devise (Bug), in an area that can transmit speech frequencies, or graphic video pictures to a remote location and/or computer.

Using a laser beam to point a laser microphone at a window. A laser microphone can be located a considerable distance
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away (half mile), and is capable of transmitting the vibrations of human speech from the glass to a computer at a remote location, and processed them into intelligible conversation.

"Bugs" or "listening devices" have become so technically sophisticated that locating or "sweeping" for them is very difficult, if not impossible.

We, at American Sound Masking, have state-of-the-arts products that can stop bugs or laser microphones from accomplishing their objective: to listen and record.

We secure the most common breach points such as windows, HVAC ducts, sprinkler pipe, conduit, walls, doors, under raised floors, and ceiling plenums.