High levels of speech privacy is not only a concern in the medical and military arenas but is especially a concern in the eyes of the law. Law offices, law enforcement agencies and courtrooms require a secure high level of speech privacy to insure justice stays impartial. Victims and witnesses need to feel safe when giving statements, while the accused need to discuss their cases with counsel in private.

With the assistance of the ASM low level background sound system, engineered to provide confidentiality and reduce the intelligibility of speech, counsel and client will have the confidence of privacy.

Sound Masking and Legal Environments
Industry Challenges

Ineffective acoustic treatments can lead to incomplete statements due to lack of privacy and comfort.

If victims, witnesses, and clients feel that their conversations are not private, they may not give complete statements.

The rights of the accused can be compromised if conversations are not kept private.

Sidebar meetings, discussions between clients and attorneys, discussions between judge and counsel, and jury deliberations can easily be overheard within the courtroom.

Unwanted noise from the adjoining corridors can interrupt court proceedings.

Interview rooms and processing areas have walls built to the ceiling not to the deck, leading to ineffective sound blocking.

Overhearing statements can pose a threat to both witness and victim safety.
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