Yes, you work hard to maintain the beauty of your hotel but think how much more relaxed your clients would feel if your hotel was acoustically pleasing at the same time.

For travelers when staying at a hotel the #1 reason they pick yours over theirs is cleanliness. The #2 reason is for privacy, rest and relaxation and this is where the ASM acoustic systems come into play. Providing your guests, the feeling of security while enjoying the beauty of your hotel can put you on top when deciding on the right place to stay. Increase the speech privacy of your conference rooms and reduce the guests room to room noise and keep them coming back again and again.

Acoustical Challenges in Hotels

Sound reflective materials such as glass, marble and hardwood floors

Open lobbies with high ceiling clearances that carry sound

Crowds of people that inevitably gets louder as people try and talk over one another

Close proximity of guest rooms

Hallway noises such as guests talking, vacuum cleaners, and other noises

Benefits of Sound Masking

"    Reduce noise distractions
"    Make it easier for reception to take calls even in a loud environment
"    Guests trying to conduct business can do so with less noise distractions
"    Protect Speech Privacy
"    Sound masking can be placed in lobbies so other guests cannot hear sensitive information being shared at the check-in lobby such as credit card information and personal contact information
"    Sound masking in guest rooms gives guests peace of mind that conversations in their rooms stay in their rooms
"    Guests are often on business, so increasing speech privacy is an added bonus
"    Improve Sleep of Guests
"    Placing sound masking in guest rooms will help reduce noise distractions from adjacent rooms and hallways and improve guests' sleep

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            How Sound Masking Works in Hotels:

Sound masking emits a low level unobtrusive background noise that sounds like gentle air flow
Sound masking is focused on the covering those who do not want to hear noises or unwanted listeners
Sound masking is placed in the ceiling with emitters that are small enough to fit in your hand, and blend seamlessly into all ceiling types