American Sound Masking offers valuable advice and cost effective solutions to your acoustical privacy needs. CAAD software, design expertise, computer tuning, single source accountability and 20 year warranties (equipment and parts) on most American Sound Masking Systems are all part of the reason American Sound Masking products have led the sound masking industry for over 42 years.
American Sound Masking, the leaders in sound masking and eavesdropping technology has the team of designers to build the right system for you. As trends continue to push traditional enclosed private offices out into the open plan cubicle workstations, the issue of sound and the ability to control it has become paramount. From Open Plenum, Private Office Space and Call Centers each system is designed with your needs in mind.
Our sound masking greatly reduces office noise, distractions, and masks human speech, providing these results;

Gives speech privacy and confidentiality in offices and Healthcare facilities.

Increases employee productivity by 15 to 35%.

Decreases Data entry errors by 34%. (as per Data entry management association),

Lowers employee stress and mental fatigue, which can lead to turn over.

Lowers overtime and employee payroll. (with increased employee productivity).

Meets HIPAA requirements for protecting patient privacy through oral speech.

Increases Press Ganey and HCAP patient satisfaction scores.

Meets GLBA requirements for protecting financial information through oral speech.

Unlike a fixed sound masking spectrum for all applications, our designs process and precisely fill in one-third octave band attenuation deficiencies for the specific application, and generates and contours a precise computer generated sound masking spectrum for optimum performance. Our systems are designed to distribute any and/or all of the following audio functions; Sound Masking, Paging, Emergency Evacuation Paging, Music, and Microphone.
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