American Sound Masking Presents the First Audio Counter Measure Fly-Away Kit (PEP Pack)

Portable Eavesdropping Protection
Protecting Sensitive | Top Secret (TS) Level | Conversations against Human and Electronic Eavesdropping

When a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility) or secure facility is not available, confidential speech privacy is still attainable utilizing the power and convenience of American Sound Masking’s Audio Counter Measure Fly-Away Kit. The Portable Eavesdropping Protection system comes complete and ready to travel, enabling the use of off-site facilities to conduct Top Secret (TS) level conversations.

It is Effectively……….. a SCIF-TO-GO!

American Sound Masking’s eavesdropping solutions have protected
corporate, government, and military facilities from human and electronic
eavesdropping since 1975. Being the world leaders in Sound Masking,
American Sound Masking has created a flexible, durable, and expandable
system capable of securing speech privacy within the confines of standard

The Audio Counter Measure Fly-Away Kit does so by protecting the breach
points (windows, walls, doors, ducts, and utility penetrations) with a Gaussian
random sound masking signal. The signal can be mixed with music,
misinformation, or nonsensesyllables to further impede signal recovery.

Some typical applications: Hotel and motel rooms, mobile or stationary trailers, temporary or make-shift offices, homes. For advance team site preparation, the American Sound Masking Audio Counter Measure Fly-Away Kit can install and tear down in minutes without surface scars or blemishes.

Our Sound Masking Solutions are configured to meet DCID and DIAM federal requirements for SCIF.

“The industry’s first and only pre-engineered portable eavesdropping protection system.”

Meets sound control and acoustical protection requirement for SCIF

Each Portable System contains:
American Sound Masking’s ASM-1092 all-in-one sound masking signal generator / mixer / amplifier in a compact housing
Sound Masking signal is switchable pink/white, analog, Gaussian random, and non-deterministic
Adjustable low pass filter allows for site-specific equalization
Mixer offers signal layering, providing additional protection against electronic eavesdropping and signal recovery
Amplifier, 40 watts, 70-volt output with gain control
Sound Masking Devices
Plug-n-play RCA type phono jacks (in and out)   (No complicated wiring, just Plug-n-play)
70-volt input eliminates complex series/parallel wiring
Pelican Protector Case, Tested to meet Mil C-41501, Unbreakable, watertight, dust proof, chemical resistant, Lifetime warranty

To reach us please call: American Sound Masking, Phone: 800-766-8959

The development of the American Sound Masking Audio Counter Measure Fly-Away Kit (PEP Pack) came as a direct result of government agency requests.

The system has been designed in accordance with the specifications required to meet DCID and DIAM requirements for SCIF. Multiple signal inputs are incorporated so as to allow one to create complexed sound masking, making signal recovery more difficult. The system is intended for off-site use where little lead-time is available, installing in minutes to ensure a room’s speech privacy with minimal hardware. No cumbersome tripods are needed, no complicated wiring – just plug-n-play!

How to use

Installs and Protects the following breach points:

Windows … Walls … Doors … Air Ducts... Fire Sprinkler System Pipe … Conduit … in just minutes, and removes just as fast.

  Available Units - "Click" on the title to view product details and Prices

AS-FLY-10  Protects “10” Breach Points - For very small room, no windows.   10' x 10'
AS-FLY-14  Protects “14” Breach Points - For small office, no windows.   12' x 14'
AS-FLY-18  Protects “18” Breach Points - For small office, motel room, with one or two windows.
AS-FLY-22  Protects “22” Breach Points - For small - medium office, motel room with few windows.
AS-FLY-26  Protects “26” Breach Points - For medium office, motel room with few windows.
AS-FLY-30  Protects “30” Breach Points - For medium office , motel room with few windows.
AS-FLY-34  Protects “34” Breach Points - For large office, motel, hotel rooms, with multiple windows.
AS-FLY-38  Protects “38” Breach Points - For large office, motel, hotel, mobile trailers, with multiple windows.
Units can be custom built. To obtain volume pricing or place an order call us at: 800-766-8959.

Simply plug in the sound generator. Then take the pre-cut phono plugs and daisy chain the
sound masking devises to the breach points listed below that you want to secure.

The heart of the Audio Counter Measure Fly-Away Kit (PEP Pack) is the American Sound Masking’s ASM-1092, a compact, field-proven, all-in-one analog sound masking signal generator, mixer, and amplifier that can blend either pink and/or white noise sound masking with a variety of other signals. Its analog signal has an unpredictable randomness that renders most advanced signal recovery techniques ineffective. The entire system has been designed around readily available accessories that can be attained through various sources: standard RCA-type phono plug cabling is used, a common CD player can be used as a line source, 3M brand removable adhesive tabs are used to attach soundmasking devices to almost any surface. No proprietary interfaces will ever render the system obsolete.

Our engineers implemented the latest technology when designing the Audio Counter Measure Fly-Away Kit (PEP Pack). Each of the sound masking devices included in the kit is capable of transferring large amounts of soundmasking energy directly to the breach point. The system comes complete in a Pelican brand industry standard, “mil-spec” grade case that is virtually indestructible. The matte black case is made of lightweight polysynthetic material that weighs less than 11 pounds, bringing the total weight of the entire Audio Counter Measure Fly-Away Kit (PEP Pack), AS-FLY-10, system to under 33 pounds. The case is flight-approved and can compensate for changes in atmospheric pressure.
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